Simmunext Biotherapeutics to Showcase Cutting-Edge Innovations at BioEquity Europe

Simmunext Biotherapeutics is proud to announce its participation in the prestigious BioEquity Europe Meeting, scheduled to be held from May 12 to 14 in San Sebastian, Spain. As a leading biotechnology company dedicated to advancing the frontiers of immunotherapy, Simmunext is set to present its groundbreaking research and development initiatives on immunofilaments, aimed at revolutionizing … Read more

Simmunext will be presenting at the Radboudumc Investment Day

Simmunext will be presenting at the Radboudumc Investment Day Get ready for the third edition of Radboudumc Investment Day 2023 on October 12 in Nijmegen! Jointly organized by Radboudumc, Radboud University, Briskr and Oost NL, the Investment Day is a matchmaking event for investors, entrepreneurs and top researchers in the life sciences & health domain. … Read more

Simmunext secures financing from OostNL for clinical candidate selection

Financiering voor Simmunext: nieuwe therapie voor de behandeling van kanker. Met een investering vanuit het Vroege fase financiering Gelderland (VFF Gelderland) kan het Nijmeegse Simmunext Biotherapeutics BV verder met de ontwikkeling van een nieuwe behandeling voor kanker. Het bedrijf gebruikt de financiering om de werking van het medicijn verder te onderzoeken. Oost NL is fondsmanager … Read more

Radboud UMC researchers share their findings about the use of immunofilaments to slow growth of tumors and metastases in laboratory models.

Radboudumc researchers publish on the scientific evidence for the inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis using immunofilaments in preclinical model systems.  Adoptive T cell therapy has successfully been implemented for the treatment of cancer. Nevertheless, ex vivo expansion of T cells by artificial antigen-presenting cells (aAPCs) remains cumbersome and can compromise T cell functionality, thereby … Read more