Simmunext Biotherapeutics uses its proprietary polymer-based nanotechnology platform to mimic natural immune cell function.

This generates first-in-class, off-the-shelf products, called immunofilaments, for the treatment of cancer, auto-immune disorders and infectious diseases. Simmunext’ lead program on cancer is an immunofilament that acts as a synthetic Dendritic Cell (sDC). It is designed to directly activate T cells in the human body and thereby bypass cumbersome adoptive cell therapy (ACT) for cancer. Preclinical proof of concept has been obtained, and we are preparing for FIH studies in order to translate our technology into the clinic.

Simmunext Biotherapeutics’ leadership team and its partners bring top notch science and industrial expertise in tumor immunology, biotech and pharma to the table.

Henri Theunissen
CEO & co-founder

Henri Theunissen holds a PhD in molecular biology (NKI, Amsterdam) and has a long-standing background in biotechnology and oncology. He gained extensive science business experience in biotech and pharma (Organon, Schering-Plough, later Merck).  As CEO of Knowledge Transfer Funds BV and Chief Innovation Officer (Brightlands) he has founded and grown over 30 startup companies.

Carl Figdor
CSO & co-founder

Carl Figdor is a professor of Immunology, Spinoza laureate, KNAW member and multiple ERC laureate. He has an impressive scientific track record in immuno-oncology, developed several cancer vaccines (dendritic cells, nanoparticles) and translated these into the clinic. More recently, he focused on chemical immunology approaches to develop synthetic dendritic cells, resulting in our immunofilaments technology platform.