A number of peer-reviewed publications relevant to immunofilaments research and development can be found below.

Direct In Vivo Activation of T Cells with Nanosized Immunofilaments Inhibits Tumor Growth and Metastasis

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Dictating Phenotype, Function, and Fate of Human T Cells with Co-Stimulatory Antibodies Presented by Filamentous Immune Cell Mimics

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Semiflexible Immunobrushes Induce Enhanced T Cell Activation and Expansion:

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Synthetic Semiflexible and Bioactive Brushes:

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Cytokine-functionalized Synthetic Dendritic Cells for T Cell Targeted Immunotherapies:

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Controlling T-cell activation with synthetic dendritic cells using the multivalency effect:

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Affinity-Based Purification of Polyisocyanopeptide Bioconjugates:

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Polymer-Based Synthetic Dendritic Cells for Tailoring Robust and Multifunctional T Cell Responses:

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Therapeutic nanoworms: towards novel synthetic dendritic cells for immunotherapy:

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